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Monday, October 1, 2007


We bring out the best thinking in diverse groups through interactive exercises combining a strategic perspective and creativity for new & successful results. The Brainzooming approach, developed by Mike Brown, relies on sharing & using personally tested methods–not merely telling about what others have done -and applying innovation and strategic planning tools that allow anyone to succeed like experts.

Learning Sessions and Presentations

Mike Brown is a frequent speaker to businesses, associations, and universities on topics that help participants become more successful right away at better applying their knowledge and innate creativity to produce business results. Among the most requested topics:

Taking the NO out of InNOvation
Strategic Planning for Everyone
Lessons in Leading Brand Change
Creating Your Brand Team Game Plan
Aligning Your Life’s Work
Leading with a Smile

Innovation and Strategic Planning Sessions

Brainzooming techniques are designed to produce efficient and results-oriented strategic conversations. With a blending of lateral thinking technqiues, do-it-yourself principles, improvisational practices, and self-help reality show approaches, Brainzooming creates strategic planning sessions that are targeted, innovative, actionalbe, and enjoyable. What a combination!

Based on the depth and scope of your business objectives, we'll design a custom session that's paced to stretch your team's thinking, prioritize your ideas, and identify specific steps to turn your thinking into actions.

Business Consulting

If you need help to think and work through the business issues and opportunities before your company, we can work with senior level managers on an ongoing basis to:

  • Help diagnose your business situation
  • Expand your understanding of potential options
  • Work through strategic exercises to explore new possibilities
  • Put an implementation & measurement plan in place

Brainzooming - Addressing What Matters for Your Business with Insights and Innovation

If you’re interested in creating market-based change, Brainzooming will help you more successfully realize opportunities & generate stronger returns. To discuss how we can help you, your company, or your organization, contact us:


Phone: 816-509-5320

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