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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taking the NO Out of InNOvation - A Free Ebook

Ask nearly any business professional if innovation is important for career success and the answer is typically “YES.”

Ask again if they’d like for themselves and their teams be more innovative, and you’ll usually hear it again, “YES.”

But ask if they have an approach and techniques readily available to continually become more innovative, and you’ll likely hear “NO.”

If these answers sound like they’re yours, you’ll benefit from my new ebook that helps take the “NO” out of InNOvation. It addresses eight approaches, helping you embrace ways to:
  • Exploit the creativity you already possess
  • Open up to a more creative perspective on life
  • Get started benefiting from creativity tools you can use right away

To receive a FREE copy, email Mike Brown at with "e-book" in the subject line.

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