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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Challenge - “What’s Your Mental Lemon Sorbet?”

Auguste Escoffier, a nineteenth-century French food connoisseur, popularized the idea that something should be served between main courses in a formal meal to clear the palate, allowing the diner to fully enjoy the next course as if it were the first. Because of his efforts, lemon sorbet has become the popular means to cleanse palates.

The idea translates to mental activities & strategic thinking also. As many topics as we generally have thrown at us to process mentally, it becomes difficult to move between them with the expectation that you’ll start the next project with the same mental freshness as the first.

Here’s Your Challenge – Can you identify your “mental” lemon sorbets – the activities or exercises that you can use to clear your mind when shifting between efforts. They may be simple (going for a quick walk or taking a nap) or more challenging to accomplish (one of mine is riding roller coasters, which unfortunately only happens infrequently). Make the effort to identify a repertoire of activities that you can use to effectively clear your mind, refresh, and get ready for the next activities you’ll face throughout the year.

As for me, I’ll be having an icy Diet Dr. Pepper and a quick nap on the floor to clear my mind before starting on tomorrow’s post!

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