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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Change Your Character – Competitive Strategy

In terms of competitive strategy over the past thirty years, a variety of villains has been able to create damage, wreak havoc, and end lives (all defined as success for them) by very often using non-traditional & apparently illogical techniques.

Despite how reprehensible their approaches are, they provide the basis for identifying potential competitive strategies in business. Here are potential approaches to plug into the character exercise to identify new competitive strategies:

  • Be very low profile
  • Conceal your appearance
  • Stay in hiding
  • Move around continuously to evade detection
  • Select an attention-getting target
  • Plan out all variables in the competitive attack
  • Work through a network of loyal followers
  • Patiently wait for the right moment to act
  • Do things differently each time to avoid detection
  • Conduct attention-getting attacks
  • Frighten large groups of people
  • Publicize your motives
  • Create the perception of future potential moves

Again, this isn’t advocating being a villain. But it is suggesting that variations on many of their planning techniques can be used legally to compete in business with a high degree of surprise and effectiveness.

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