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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Change Your Character – Training as the Best Teachers Do

We can all recall great school teachers who made otherwise boring subjects come alive and taught lessons that shape us still.

We’re all teachers in our own ways. There are people that we work and interact with daily who look to us for both technical learning and life lessons. Let’s explore great teachers’ approaches and see what they can teach us about our teaching roles. Great teachers:

  • Present challenging concepts
  • Are passionate about their subject(s)
  • Use vivid stories to illustrate lessons
  • Ask you about the subject area even outside the class room
  • Are true to the principles they teach
  • Teach heuristics to master & use the content
  • Make complex topics understandable
  • Are interactive
  • Make learning fun and rewarding
  • Don’t simply give answers away for the asking
  • Are still actively learning themselves
  • Have a love for the material / topic
  • Adapt to students’ various learning styles

Identify three new ideas for each of the approaches above that you can adapt to become a better teacher to those around you. Note – for the previous post on how to use the Change Your Character technique, click here.

Today’s Get ‘Er Written Approach This involved taking an idea and shifting it. I originally planned to do something specifically on the Montessori approach (which may still show up someday), but couldn’t get it to work. The focus then shifted to teachers in general and some of the great educators that I’ve had the honor to learn from during my schooling.

This post is dedicated to Dave Wessling, for so many reasons. May he rest in peace.

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