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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working from the Same Side of the Table

Jan Harness and I are continuing to work on the “Creative Instigation” presentation and book for our August 12 Kansas City PRSA session. We’ve been working individually, but also carving out time to collaborate. Some joint meetings have been more productive than others. One last week was particularly beneficial in getting the presentation order and transitions finalized. So what’s been the common denominator in the productive get togethers?

It might be surprising, but in the two best working sessions, we didn’t sit across from each other. We sat on the same side of the table and spread the materials in front of us so that we both had the same perspective on what we working on at the time.

So while I frequently extol the virtues of diverse perspectives, there is also a place for trying to create the same perspective too!

Register today for the session if you're in KC, and also vote in the poll about creativity at work!

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