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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Brainzooming Exclusive: Post Thanksgiving Surf's Up!

Back when I used to live at the library reference section, the high school kids working the magazine counter told me the Friday after Thanksgiving was their busiest day each year. It seemed the people not seeking gifts were out seeking knowledge.

In the same spirit, here are five links, with no particular theme, to check out if you get a chance!

“Summertime” by Gina Sicilia – An informal performance from a soulful singer at Caffe Vivaldi. And since I’m not a big fan of cold, a little more summer is always welcome! Plus you can play this while you visit the remaining four links.

Recession In’s and Out’s – Where to invest or place your attention during periods of economic challenge.

“Election Day Could be Become ‘Nightmare’” – An article from several weeks ago with doomsday election scenarios that never materialized. A good reminder that, unfortunately, a lot of media is intended to needlessly incite fears and trepidations about relatively remote possibilities.

Business Model Design & Innovation from Alex Osterwalder – Interesting work, albeit a little self-absorbed. – Portraying the connections between news figures, celebrities, events, and the organizations behind them.

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