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Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Week!

Today’s the first anniversary of my initial blogging foray. Thanks for being a loyal audience and offering suggestions throughout for improving it!

The blog started after a presentation on corporate blogging by Jessica Myers of Garmin Industries. She said that anybody could start a free blog in 10 minutes. Several weekends later, I started with the expectation of writing twice weekly. It was intended to create something instructional beyond presentations, provide more permanent life to strategy and innovation ideas, and maybe form the basis for a book.

After posting the first article, I emailed my creative instigation partner Jan Harness, suggesting she start a creativity blog. She responded that current commitments made that unrealistic; that was Saturday.

Next thing I knew, I received an email about Jan’s first Creative Instigation blog post. By Tuesday, she’d written two articles. By Wednesday, it was clear she’d be posting daily. It took me several weeks, but out of competitiveness, I started writing daily too. It was a great example of the creative instigation approach we practice.

Looking at the initial objectives, the blog has:

  • Solidified material that’s later found its way into my strategic thinking presentation
  • Caused me to be a more succinct writer
  • Provided material for Jan and me in putting together our “Creative Instigation” book

The only challenge has really been creating dialogue with all of you. You tend to be a “quiet” group. In the coming year, I’d love to get more interaction going and continue building this community.

This week we’ll cover lessons from the blog that can benefit you – even if you’re not blogging. And there will be a favor or two asked of you along the way! Check back tomorrow for more on writing lessons learned.

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