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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Share Your Brief Definition of Innovation on Twitter and Win Money!

Here's a great opportunity to share your definition of "innovation" on Twitter with @stonepayton. Stone is running a contest through mid-week to provide one or more definitions of "innovation" via Twitter. That means that your definition has to be 140 charcters or less.

The total prize money is up to $1000 (based on the number of submissions) along with a whole bunch of publicity about how you are an innovation savant!

My first entry was "Innovation = A fundamental, valuable improvement relative to the status quo."

You can get full information on the contest (IDEF140) here.

When submitting your entry, include @mikebrown in the entry to let Stone know you learned about the contest here.

Let's turn out big with lots of definitions!


Stone said...

Mike, Thanks So Much for helping on this! You obviously live what you preach about collaboration.

P.S. Look forward to learning more about your work -- especially the NASCAR thing.

Mike Brown said...

Stone - It's all about connections and seeing what comes from them... so I'm very glad our paths have crossed! Can't wait to see what happens!