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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Brainzooming Lessons for FISH in Sydney

Here's a video recorded for Janine Cahill and the "Foresight Innovation and Sustainability Hothouse" in Sydney, Australia. This opportunity is thanks to connecting with Janine on Twitter.

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Mike Brown said...

Here's an update on FISH from Janine Cahill:

Hi Mike
Yes. I showed the video - it got people thinking about expert v group and other dimensions like randomness and recognising the future (or innovation) which warmed up other discussions. So it was a great frame setter. And I did like the squirrel artist.

We also had speakers on social media and how that enabled and extended normal human interaction. And also on and different opportunities for alternative news.
This led into discussions on how humans might be able to cope with the avalanche of possibility enabled by these new media.
So we went pretty deep in a two hour timeslot.

Thanks again for the support. If I can be of help to you please let me know.