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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updates - Business Week Exchange Featured User and Design Pepper Bailout Contest

Business Week Exchange

On Tuesday, February 17, I'm scheduled to be the featured user of the day on Business Week Exchange, a new social media site from Business Week I found because of Twitter. The site provides networking and opportunities to upload and review content on a variety topics.

In just weeks, the Brainzooming links posted on Business Week Exchange have made it the number one referral source for the blog! Starting Tuesday at approximately 9:15 a.m. EST, there will be a box on the lower right of the home page with links to my profile and posted links. I'll include a reminder Tuesday, but if you have a chance to check the site out beforehand that's great.

Design Pepper Blog Bailout

Here's an update on the Design Pepper blog bailout contest. Based on final voting, Brainzooming finished second (thanks for the votes), and a volunteer fire fighting department from California won. The contest (which also surfaced through Twitter activity) created many new blog visitors and the opportunity to form a Twitter relationship with several of the great Design Pepper people.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your support!

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