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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Want a New Look for Brainzooming? Vote for Brainzooming in the Design Pepper "Blog Bailout"

Here's another opportunity emerging from Twitter. announced a Blog Bailout Contest recently offering a free design bailout for a deserving blogger able to briefly share their:

  • Blogging plan
  • A clear 2009 blog improvement objective
  • Favorite cookie (the baked kind - not the ones that reside on your computer)

Out of 40 applicants, my Brainzooming blog was selected as a Top 10 finalist.

What You Can Do to Help!

Voting is now open until February 10 to select the final winner of the redesign. That's where you come in.

Please click here to go to the Design Pepper blog and VOTE by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Mike - 'Brainzooming'" to help the blog win the design bailout.

If WE win, it means we'll be able to shift the blog URL to and freshen the blog's look and feel. So Vote Today and Share the Contest Link with your friends as well!

You all helped me win the IDEF140 contest which benefited the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta. Now let's win this contest to benefit all Brainzooming readers! Thanks!


Vicki said...

I voted for you, Mike. :)

Mike Brown said...

Thanks for the vote Vicki!

There have been some problems on the website with some people not being able to vote. I was able to force the problem, but navigated away from the Design Pepper page for a while and it worked when I came back.