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Monday, October 12, 2009

Write Shorter

A very nice blog reader stopped me at the Integrated Marketing Summit to say she reads Brainzooming every day, "when it's short."

Great reminder to me and to you.

When writing, set a deliberately low limit on the total number of words you'll ultimately allow yourself. Challenge every word. While you're at it, eliminate "that" from your writing. The blog's rough drafts have taught me "that" is my most frequently used unnecessary word. Based on other material I read, it's likely one of yours too.

A reader once told me I get one minute of his time each day, which is a "big deal." His statement is on my mind every time I write a post. I appreciate and respect the time you spend with Brainzooming and want to make sure it's of value. So I'll try and keep it short. - Mike Brown

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Julia Wooster said...

Great idea! People are so busy. A client once asked me about longer blogs. I suggested she give the high level stuff in her blog with a link to a page on her web site with the detailed information. That way all readers got the gist of what she was trying to say and those who wanted more detail had the opportunity to click to read the rest.

Mike Brown said...

Thanks for relating the advice to your client Julia! Headline writing is becoming a broadly required skill. For me, being active on Twitter has really helped focus my attention on short writing.