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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The First Day of Life-Changing Gifts - Helping Another Recognize Their Talents

Chuck Dymer is a strategic mentor, having done more than any single person to help me understand lateral thinking processes and how integral they are to business success. You could say I've borrowed everything I know on innovation tools from watching Chuck do what he does so masterfully.

After working with Chuck on various projects, he said to me, “You make other people more creative just by cheering them on.” While always enjoying participating in brainstorming sessions with others, its potential impact had never occurred to me.

Chuck's comment, though, caused more deliberate reflection on this "talent" I’d never considered and how it could be used more widely. This led to incorporating lateral thinking approaches into additional business activities, speaking topics, and ultimately, Brainzooming.

Are you working with others who display talents you see that they don't realize? Give them a gift by pointing out these talents so they can start considering how to use them even more beneficially. - Mike Brown

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Jan said...

That's a wonderful gift from Chuck! And he's right ... I've seen you bring out the creativity in others. Looking forward to the rest of this series!

Mike Brown said...

Thanks Jan.

Last year's series was really well received, prompting a slightly revised repeat this year. Probably because this series is more personal than many others here, it's a difficult one to write. And the final list both years has included one story that wasn't even under consideration at the start. I'll be writing up the final posts tonight and see what makes the final list!