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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

See Me, Feel Me, Criticize Me

It's a challenge to objectively examine your own website as if a prospect or customer seeking information would. There's an approach you can follow to get ideas flowing though: Look at a direct competitor's online presence, trying to shoot holes in it based on how a customer might view it.

You should really be able to get into it by answering a few questions:

  • What misleading or out-of-date information is presented?

  • What's not compelling about the website?

  • What's confusing about the navigation?

  • How much unnecessary detail do I have to supply to get a copy of the "free" download?

  • What questions do I have that the website doesn't answer?

  • Do I know where to get my other questions answered?

  • In what ways did I get smarter by browsing this website?

  • In what ways were my information needs left wanting?

After doing this, go back and see how your own online presence compares. Looking at yourself from a customer perspective should now be much easier! - Mike Brown

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