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Monday, January 4, 2010

Stop Right There, Before We Go Any Further

Okay, it’s the time for 2009 reviews and 2010 look aheads.

So, what did you stop doing in 2009?

Stopping something counts as “doing something.” And in a period when time demands are coming at us from more ways than ever, it’s okay to quit things that aren’t contributing or adding as much value to your life as other things.

So, what did you quit in 2009?

Answering the question myself, I had a big quit (my long time job) in 2009 and a variety of slow downs (i.e., less activity than previously expended while still keeping something going). I probably didn’t quit enough things in 2009 though and certainly didn’t quit as many things as I started.

How about you?

For me, 2010 feels like it’s going to be a year of more quits. That’s because there will need to be a bunch of starts and trials this coming year. It will be one of dramatic changes and will require repeatedly identifying what isn’t valuable anymore and needs to go "bye-bye." One of the things I'm considering for the quit list is daily posting on Brainzooming in favor of a several times a week schedule. Would definitely appreciate your reactions to the idea before it's a final decision!

If your stop doing list from 2009 also seemed too short, start deciding what you’ll be quitting in the next 12 months. – Mike Brown

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Leslie said...

Mike, I think you could easily give yourself a break by posting fewer times each week. Very few bloggers I know post daily; as long as your content is compelling I think your reader base will remain loyal!

Mike Brown said...

Thanks for the input Leslie! There's been value in posting daily in terms of getting a lot written. Reflecting over the break, with the importance of building Brainzooming, it's forced looking at the blog in a different light. I want to deliver value, but not over-deliver it if it's more than readers need. Looking forward to seeing what others say as well!

Dave J. said...

Quitting/Cutting is #4 is the seven levels of change. Surprising how hard it is to reach...or do.

Less posts is fine, we want you to have more time to succeed in your new gig.

Mike Brown said...

Thanks Dave - was hoping you'd weigh in given your blogging expertise!

I'd never heard about quitting as #4 in the levels of change. What are the other levels? It's reassuring to be able to figure out where one is in the process.

Take care,


Marc said...

I agree with Leslie and Dave. You just helped me with my cut list because I was contemplating only reading your blog "every other day" now I might (MIGHT) be able to keep up with you if you slow down a little...and for those that criticize your decision to lessen the frequency, you can target them (and charge them)as new business opportunities that are in need of your expertise :)

Mike Brown said...

Great idea for business development Marc! If I can get the 3 versions of Brainzooming consolidated, it may save enough time that the issue is resolved!

mary anne said...

I don't let go easily, but your post was awesome for me at a time when some things have to go! I will miss reading every morning, but there is always twitter---What is that old saying--when the door closes, another window opens!
mary anne

Mike Brown said...

Very true Mary Anne! The decision's not made yet about daily posts, but I wanted to make sure to hear what people who cared enough to comment have to say!

I've made progress on the new site in the past few days that may shape my thinking on what I eventually do. We'll see....