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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Change Your Character – Get Into Growth Mode

It’s early March, so spring HAS to be just around the corner (I HOPE!). Spring’s a time for new growth as farmers focus on the upcoming growing season, ensuring that they’re taking all the necessary steps to increase the yield from their efforts. So thinking about business opportunities that you need to grow and exploit, who better to delegate your creative thinking to than a farmer who is experienced at proven ways to grow and harvest successfully.

Remember, use the great growth techniques below that farmers use and generalize how you may be able to apply each of them in at least 3 ways to generate new growth ideas for your opportunities.

  • Researches the best crop to plant for the land & environmental conditions
  • Prepares the soil
  • Plants the crops at the proper time
  • Waters the crops to stimulate initial growth
  • Fertilizes to ensure maximum growth
  • Protects the growing crops against insects and other adverse conditions
  • Buys crop insurance in case problems environmental problems develop
  • Harvests the crop when it’s ready
  • Follows market information on crop prices to know when and/or how to sell what’s harvested
  • Sells the harvested crops
  • Rotates crops periodically to keep the soil healthy

Happy growing with your new ideas; remember it’s less than a month until spring!

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