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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Periodic Table of Corporate Behavior

Just as with a chemical periodic table, go ahead and use this handy reference to determine the "corporate behavior formulas" of both good co-workers (the An2PoFCr who is a regular blog reader) and bad (the PFl4 that's like a bad penny). Simply click on the chart to get a full sized version. Feel free to post your intriguing combinations as comments or suggest new behaviors as your encounter them. And thanks to Sally for her help in rounding out the initial list!


Anonymous said...

Here are a couple of "corporate types" to which I applied the behaviors...

Bill Gates-ThPnDd2
Steve Jobs-InVnFoStDd2
Michael Scott-NyNaFlF3Em


Anonymous said...

Trying to think of a word or two to describe the 'not invented here' syndrome - not interested if not their idea. Blinkered doesn't quite do it. Neither does Proprietorial.

Mike Brown said...

I think a "not invented here" type of person would be: NaOpTr2 - Narcissistic, Opinionated, & Territorial x 2