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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Change Your Character – Exercise to Reduce Waist and Waste

For this Wednesday’s Change Your Character exercise, let’s look at exercise and doing it successfully. Specifically, someone exercising usually works with a trainer trying to trim their waist.

So let’s think about how we can apply a successful exerciser’s approach to trimming waste in a business setting. A successful exerciser:

  • Sets a realistic, aggressive goal
  • Works with a trainer to increase their knowledge, accountability, and results
  • Exercises regularly
  • Varies the workout to stay motivated
  • Pushes to achieve better performance all the time
  • Tracks and records their activity
  • Consumes less food
  • Monitors food intake by counting calories
  • Measures progress toward the goal

Next time you’re charged with reducing something at work (costs, unnecessary process, re-work, etc.) generate at least three potential new ideas for each of the steps above to help you improve your odds of successfully trimming fat.

Note #1 - Today's post is dedicated to Jenn Oxler, my trainer for the past two years. With her help (and her repeated questions about my food intake), I've lost nearly 30 pounds and have gotten into the best physical shape of my life. Thanks Jenn!

Note #2 – for the previous post on how to use the Change Your Character technique, click here.

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