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Monday, October 6, 2008

Creative Quickie - What Me Worry?

Growing up reading Mad Magazine, I found it humorous that it described the editorial staff as “the usual gang of idiots.” Often, in trying to creatively solve business challenges you can find yourself involving the same people every time – it’s the “usual gang of idiots” phenomenon.

Here are some ideas to freshen your creative team next time it’s feeling stale:
  • Ask a friend who is a creative thinker to participate, even if they don’t know your business.

  • See if someone new in your company could introduce a fresh perspective.

  • Change scenery and go somewhere different to think (Some co-workers stole away to a local hotel recently and did a creative session at a big table in the hotel’s lower corridor. Fresh ambiance for no cost!)

  • Buy unusual magazines and do the magazine random idea exercise - page through each one, using images and words on each page to trigger new ideas for your thinking challenge.

Try one or more of these to help your “gang of idiots” come up with anything but usual answers to your challenges!

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