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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Special - Benjamin Zander and the Art of Possibilities

I've written before about Benjamin Zander and the impact of his message of possibilities. There was a link this week on Twitter to this recent presentation of his. Take a look and open yourself to a different way of thinking!


June On Twitter said...

Mike so glad to have found your group - and on twitter of all things. I have to say that the info you and the rest put out for people is probably the most worthwhile "tweeting" I've ever seen. I'll probably also be blogging about it tomorrow. While I like to "rant" :) - I really am highly creative (and talented) at heart. Thanks!

Mike Brown said...

June - Thanks for you kind words and getting the Top Twitter post today on Wordpress. That was very nice of you to recognize so many of the people you've found value from on Twitter. Please come back to Brainzooming and feel free to share your perspectives.


Anonymous said...

Hey MBB,
I saw Benjamin Zander's talk on Ted actually a few days ago. Of course I thoutht of you and GAR. Did GAR know Benjamin long before YRCW? My guess is he's a graduate of Landmark...he talks the talk, and clearly walks the walk.

Miss you, Voted for you!


Mike Brown said...

Thanks for the vote Veej!

We came across Benjamin Zander because of Heidi at Phoenix Speakers Bureau. She had worked with him and suggested him for Transformation.

Miss you too,