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Monday, April 6, 2009

Creative Quickie - What Inspires You?

Why wait until your creativity is challenged to think about ways to stimulate it?

Take a few minutes to complete this inspiration roster listing various things you know are creativity instigators for you. Then when you really need them, you'll have a ready list to turn to for inspiration.

What Inspires Me?

Place _________________________________________

Image ________________________________________

Person ________________________________________

Writing ________________________________________

Music _________________________________________

Time of day _____________________________________

Sound _________________________________________

Memory _______________________________________

Moment _______________________________________

Activity _______________________________________

Prayer / Reflection _______________________________

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Chris Kuehl said...

Place - Budapest
Image - lighthouse photos in general
Person - Steve Allen
Writing - travel writing in general
Music - Brazilian jazz
Time - early, early morning
Sound - distant train whistle
Memory - times with my father
Moment - first mornking greeting from the cats
Activity - beekeeping
Reflection - reading Sagan

Mike Brown said...

Thanks Chris for sharing your inspiration list! Your list is why it's great to have a diverse list would look very different, although I enjoy cat greetings too!