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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Hitting a Creative Brick Wall"

In honor of Jan Harness’ birthday today (Happy Birthday Jan!) and her love of poetry, here’s the closest we've come to featuring some on this blog:

“Hitting a Creative Brick Wall” by @Pretty_Awkward

Work work work work, short break,
work work work work, potty break,
work work work, quick snack,
work work work, BOOM! Creative brick wall.

Yet another delightful example of the incredible creativity being shared on Twitter, if you know where and when to look for it. This one appeared in the middle of the night earlier this week.

Here’s a question: Can any of us come up with a comparably elegant and simple word depiction of getting around a creative brick wall?

I’d love to share your creations here. Maybe @Pretty_Awkward might even favor us with an answer post!


Jan said...

I was out of town and am just now catching up on your posts! Thanks for the birthday wish -- I knew the poetry bug would bite you at some point. :-)

Anonymous said...

Surmounting Creative (or Any) Walls

That wall is not so tall.
That wall is very small.
Up and over?
Down and under?
Round the end?
The choice is mine to make,
which option best will take.
This thing I know for sure:
Despair won't get me there.

Jan L.