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Monday, July 13, 2009

5 Strategic Thinking Approaches for this Week

Here are five things strategic thinking approaches, any one of which you can work on this week to improve your performance:

  1. Take time to perform long-term actions even when near-term pressures are very distracting.
  2. Don't overreact in the face of incomplete information. Ask questions & allow others the opportunity to answer.
  3. Ask questions of smart, well-informed people outside the mainstream. You'll learn a lot.
  4. Be willing to ask, "How could this be different?" particularly if you're a black & white type thinker.
  5. Work on developing more decisiveness, tenacity & patience. You need them even more these days.
BTW - Based on reader feedback, the summer Brainzenning videos are moving to Fridays starting this week. - Mike Brown

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Tracy and Gordon said...

Number 4 is one of our favorites! Thanks for sharing!

~Tracy and Gordon

Mike Brown said...

Black & white thinkers are fundamental to getting things done. I so truly respect the skill. And those who can be flexible enough in their thinking to see shades of grey and possibilities (even though it may be uncomfortable for them), maximize their impact tremendously.

BTW - Watch for a guest post from Tracy and Gordon on July 23.