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Friday, October 23, 2009

Brainzenning - Whatcha Gonna Do?

Brainzenning - A video moment of calm and reflection.

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vljaster said...

Wow MBB - that's timely and perfectly suited that it's a SWA advert! VJ

Chris Reaburn said...

Still looking for the "humor". Either the sleeping man, the empty wheelchair, or the the juxtaposition of the two, though I didn't think you meant it in nearly that much of an "art school" way.

Mike Brown said...

Thanks VJ and Chris!

This one was intended pretty straight forward. It was shot in Nashville the evening of the day I decided to leave corporate life for now. The video is so short because it was originally only going to be run as a picture, so I didn't take much video. Thus all the stuff in the background was going to be cropped out.

After looking at it, it said Brainzenning all over it!