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Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's He Doing?

Big shifts are taking place personally. They're sure to affect the direction and content on Brainzooming™, and it's appropriate to let you know what's happening.

For the past five years, I've been working a personal branding plan designed to grow my network, increase learning, and build a stronger presentation and writing repertoire. Important activities have included:
  • Speaking and facilitating with groups internationally on developing strategic thinking, innovation, branding, and social media

  • Starting multiple blogs, including one on humor and another on spirituality

  • Introducing Brainzooming as a "personal" brand

  • Employing a social media strategy to grow the brand

It's been an aggressive effort, and especially recently, I've described myself as doing two full-time jobs. The personal branding effort for Brainzooming takes place early mornings, late nights, weekends, and vacation days away from my primary job in a corporate role.

During my career, my day job has allowed incredible opportunities to grow and contribute beyond my original market research position:

Through it all, it's been amazing to work with incredibly talented and wonderful people. It's actually quite staggering to contemplate the incredible opportunities I've been provided.

This Friday though, after a difficult decision, I'm leaving my corporate position. Despite all the news suggesting it's a ridiculous time to do it, nearly all indications suggest it's exactly the right thing to do.

As a result, next Monday my priorities flip: Brainzooming moves to the forefront and pursuing a potential next corporate position becomes secondary.

While I've made a point to keep nearly all references to my corporate position out of Brainzooming, its daily learnings and challenges infuse the blog content all the time. With a different routine and new interactions, what gets covered here will change. Together, we'll find out exactly what that means as the future unfolds.

Welcome to the new phase of Brainzooming, as it grows into a full-time strategic innovation consulting company! The Brainzooming team looks forward to your ideas, business leads, and guidance as the changes take place!

P.S. Especially the business leads! More on that later! - Mike Brown


stephaniesharp said...

Mike, wishing you all the best in your new endeavor! Recessions can actually be a good time to start a business. I started mine during the 1991 recession. :)

Dave J. said...

What's he doing, indeed! Zooming ahead, good luck!

Joan Koerber Walker said...

Mike - When I left a great job in the 'corporate world' to start my own business back in 2002, lots of friends asked me if I was crazy. But looking back, I would not change a thing. Good luck on your new adventure and on the next stage of Brainzooming's growth! I'll be watching and rooting for you!

Paul B. Smith said...

Mike, you are one of the brightest guys that I have had the pleasure to work with. I wish you all the best and if I can help you at all, please feel free to contact me.
Best Regards,
Paul B. Smith,

kevin fullerton said...

Congratulations Mike. You won't regret it. I never have. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

Larry Gould said...


It's the "brain" side I might need. Interested in some brainzooming/brainstorming about FHSU marketing and positioning at some point? Maybe there's a new career in higher education strategic management? I'll call you at some point.

Jeff Hurt said...

I'm excited to watch your new business grow and flourish. Here's to great new opportunities, fields of revenue and new brain zooms!

Mike Brown said...

Thank you all the new and old friends leaving comments. It was a great first week - as hectic as anything previously (which I like)! Now, there's lots of weeks ahead to keep the old brain zooming!